Kids Cruise Free

Yes! Kids cruise free. It's does exist!

By Danielle Leshin

There are still a few cruise lines where kids can cruise free. Some of them allow the 3rd or 4th passengers to cruise free regardless of their age.

Some cruise lines offer huge discounts for kids or 3rd and 4th passengers. With a cruise deal like this, the only thing you’re going to end up paying for are the taxes for the kids or 3rd and 4th passengers and their gratuities.

What a deal!

Disney Dream Cruise Ship

Disney Dream Cruise Ship

Christmas Cruise

Christmas Cruise

Cruise lines that still run specials where kids cruise free or discounted are:

1.    Holland America

2.    NCL

3.    MSC

4.    Costa

5.    Disney Cruise lines ( this is not a budget friendly cruise line, but does offer a kids cruise free special)

6.    Crystal Cruises ( this is not a budget friendly cruise line, but does offer a kids cruise free special)

Our top pick for Best Value kids cruise free specials is: Holland America

Holland America runs these free and discounted specials way more often than any of the other cruise lines listed above. They also have the most choices and best itineraries included in the specials. That being said, kids cruise free or deeply discounted, if money is no object, Holland America would not be our first pick for a family friendly cruise, we would choose Royal Caribbean or Disney.

Holland America Cruise Curacao

On Board Holland America

Since we are on a strict budget and money does matter, Holland America is our top pick for Kids Cruise Free.  Now, I just want to make sure you know what to expect, and let you know, this has never ever stopped my family and I from taking a Holland America cruise. We have always enjoyed ourselves on Holland America, and because of the specials, we have been able to take awesome cruises to Aruba, Curacao, St. Thomas and many other fabulous places, that without the kids cruise free specials, we would never have been able to afford.

Holland America Cruise Turks and Caicos

Holland America Cruise Turks and Caicos

Holland America Cruise Towel Animal

Holland America Cruise Towel Animal

Holland Americas Westerdams Toddler Play Pool

Holland America Westerdams Toddler Play Pool

Here’s what to expect on Holland America:

An older crowd, nice room, beautiful ships, spa, casino, fitness center, private cabanas by the pools, fantastic food, good entertainment, most of their ships now have the outdoor movie screens by the pools,  karaoke, basketball, putt putt golf, kids clubs for all ages ( the employees in the kids clubs were great with our kids, and there were very few kids on the ship each time we have gone).

Our kids loved the kids clubs and they almost had the place to themselves ! Holland America feels more like old school, refined cruising with a few updated twists, like the karaoke and pool games.

Half Moon Cay Holland Americas Private Island

Half Moon Cay Childrens Water Slide on The Beach

What you should NOT expect on Holland America:

Don’t expect a lot of extra things like, rock climbing walls, or ice skating rinks, or even water slides for the kids.  Kids are typically allowed in only one of the pools, usually at the rear of the ship, there are signs posted.  This is also a toddler play pool area for smaller children. The fact that the kids were only allowed in one specific pool has been the only thing I didn’t care for on Holland America, everything else has always been perfect and everything I have come to expect from a cruise vacation. 

So a big thank you to Holland America.

Thank you for running the kids cruise free specials and allowing my family and so many others the chance to enjoy wonderful cruises and experience beautiful places.

*I am not affiliated with Holland America in any way.

How to Book a Cheap Kids Cruise Free Vacation:

  •  Cheapest times to go on a cruise:   To get the cheapest prices, look for a kids cruise free or deeply discounted cruise. The cheapest time to travel is going to be November, the first half of December, January and February. These are typically the least expensive times to cruise from a US port. We usually stay away from September and October since it is hurricane season and you just never know. We like the first part of December to cruise. The bonus for cruising this time of year ? The temperature is wonderful, unlike the summer time when you walk outside and it's too hot to even lay in the sun, the ships are usually decorated for the holidays and are beautiful, also a bonus, not a lot of children. This means your kids will have a lot more fun in the childrens center and the pools.Another tip for traveling this time of year, incorporate the trip into the kids Christmas or holiday gifts. For example, we always ask the kids if they want to go on a cruise for Christmas and they get 2 gifts because the cruise is their big gift, or do they want 5 family always picks the vacation. My kids love to travel and a cheap Caribbean vacation cruise always hits the spot.
  • Gratuities on board the ship:   The gratuities will vary from cruise line to cruise line. The good news, you can change them to whatever you want. Just go to the customer service desk and adjust them as you see fit. We like to call our cabin steward in when we first board the ship and give him or her $20 and ask for the extras we need. This usually ensures us great service the rest of the cruise.
  • Drinks on the ship:  You can bring your own wine & bottled water! I put duct tape around a case of water or 2 and put a luggage tag on it and check it in at the port. Next, alcohol...if you’re a drinker, they do let you bring wine on the ship, it has to be sealed. We usually bring 2 or 3 bottles of wine. Your steward can supply you with wine glasses, ice and a bottle opener. If you are a soda drinker, they usually have a soda card you can purchase for around $25 for unlimited soda during the cruise. 
  • Parking at the port:   Parking at ports is usually around $20 a night, more in California, there are other places you can park for around $7 a night. We splurge so we could start the drive home right away. Check your hotel too, sometimes they let you park there for free and have a free shuttle to the port.
  • Excursions:   Sometimes we splurge on shore excursions. On our last cruise, it was only 5 days and nothing really interested us.. We sat on the beach and swam at the pools at Carnivals Margaritaville Beach Club on Turks and Caicos. We wandered thru downtown Nassau and window shopped, then walked to a nearby beach. On Half Moon Cay, Bahamas (Carnivals Private Island) we laid in the sun, spent time snorkeling and ate lunch for free courtesy of Carnival. If we do splurge on an excursion, we look for excursions under $50 pp, and make sure they are kid friendly.
  • Souvenirs:  We are not much for souvenirs. I think a great family photo of your vacation is the best souvenir you can have, and it lasts forever! My kids like to get something, so I have them save their money. If they want souvenirs, they buy them with their own money. This eliminates buying useless things and the kids learn the value of a dollar. My youngest one is very frugal and would rather save his money than buy a tee shirt he wont wear!
  • Sign up for cruise line special Offers:  You will be one of the first people to know about the kids cruise free sales and that makes it much easier to find the good deals. The good sales dont last long.
  • When you find a good deal, BOOK IT! :  Dont wait, it may not be there when you go back.Kids cruise free sales usually don't last long.

Here is the latest deal on Holland America: 

$405.50 per person, based on 4 people in an interior room, 7 night cruise!

This price includes taxes and port charges. This is a great deal, remember, it includes all your food too!

The cheapest 7 night cruise on one of Carnivals oldest ships is going to cost you $470.25 per person based on 4 people in an interior room.

Going on Holland America with the kids cruise free special will save you about $260 over Carnival’s cheapest 7 day cruise.

Holland Americas Private Island Half Moon Cay

Holland Americas Private Island Half Moon Cay

Curacao from Holland Americas Westerdam

Curacao from Holland Americas Westerdam

7 day western Caribbean

Ship: ms Nieuw Amsterdam  

Embark Port: Fort Lauderdale, Florida, US  

Disembark Port: Fort Lauderdale, Florida, US    

Day Date Port Arrive Depart 0 15 Dec 2013 Fort Lauderdale, Florida, US 04:00 PM

 16 Dec 2013 Half Moon Cay, Bahamas TR 08:00 AM 04:00 PM

 17 Dec 2013 At Sea

 18 Dec 2013 Georgetown, Cayman IslandsTR 08:00 AM 04:00 PM

 19 Dec 2013 Cozumel, Mexico 10:00 AM 11:00 PM 5 20 Dec 2013 At Sea

 21 Dec 2013 Key West, Florida, US 08:00 AM 05:00 PM

 22 Dec 2013 Fort Lauderdale, Florida, US 07:00 AM

  If you want a budget friendly cruise line where you can get a good deal, but they never run a kids cruise free promotion, try Carnival. Carnival is our top pick for all around family friendly and budget friendly cruise line, but Holland America will be cheaper with the kids cruise free special.

I hope you enjoyed out kids cruise free page. Please share it.

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