SeaWorld Discounts

You can get SeaWorld discounts at plenty of places. We have put together where to find the best discounts and tips to plan the best budget friendly vacation to SeaWorld Orlando.

How to Book a Fun SeaWorld Orlando Florida vacation for CHEAP

By Danielle Leshin

1.   Get SeaWorld discount tickets. The cheapest place to find 1 day SeaWorld Orlando ticket is the official SeaWorld website; they are approximately $82 + tax for adults and $74 + tax for kids. If you plan on going for more than one day, then you want to purchase the Fun Pass, it’s $92 + tax per adult and $84 + tax per child, the Fun Pass is good until the end of the year and you can go as many times as you want.

Photos of SeaWorld Orlando, Orlando
This photo of SeaWorld Orlando is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Most Publix in Florida also sell SeaWorld discount Fun Passes and they are a little cheaper, $89.99 + tax per adult and $81.99 + tax per child. Make sure you call Publix before you go to purchase tickets, they do run out sometimes, so that is the chance you take buying your tickets at Publix in Florida. You can always check AAA for discounts and keep an eye out for SeaWorld’s Military Discounts.

2.       SeaWorld Orlando has some great partner hotels, some offer SeaWorld discounts, so check the SeaWorld website and sign up for special offers at the official SeaWorld website so you don't miss them.

Our top pick for best value hotel with a kitchen near SeaWorld is; The Residence Inn Orlando at SeaWorld with a full kitchen, free internet, free hot breakfast and free parking. They have a nice resort style pool area, sport court, fitness center, rocking chair porch and patio area, and you get a free Quick Queue pass for each person, all this for around $129 a weeknight during the summer and $89 a weeknight during the off season. That is a great deal.

Photos of Residence Inn Orlando at SeaWorldR, Orlando
This photo of Residence Inn Orlando at SeaWorldR is courtesy of TripAdvisor
Photos of Residence Inn Orlando at SeaWorldR, Orlando
This photo of Residence Inn Orlando at SeaWorldR is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Our pick for the best location hotel near SeaWorld without a kitchen is; The Renaissance Orlando at SeaWorld. This fantastic hotel is a great place to watch the fireworks from your room! SeaWorld is right across the street, you can just walk out the hotel and across the small street right to SeaWorld Orlando Florida. You couldn’t ask for a better location. They have a pool and small water park, fitness center, internet for a fee, Starbucks in the lobby, small fridge in each room and a coffee maker. You also get free Quick Queue passes just for staying here; ask for them at the front desk when you check in. This hotel will cost you approximately $119.00 + tax per weeknight. Keep in mind, you will have to eat all your meals out and that can add up, but the hotel is wonderful if you can swing it, you won’t be disappointed. Look in the lobby area for books with extra SeaWorld discounts too.

Photos of Renaissance Orlando Resort at SeaWorld, Orlando
This photo of Renaissance Orlando Resort at SeaWorld is courtesy of TripAdvisor
Photos of Renaissance Orlando Resort at SeaWorld, Orlando
This photo of Renaissance Orlando Resort at SeaWorld is courtesy of TripAdvisor

3.       Get the Kids Eat Free Orlando card. You can use it at over 125 restaurants in Orlando, including 5 great restaurants in Universal Studios Citywalk. While this card won't offer you any actual SeaWorld discounts, you will need to eat while in Orlando and this is the best way to get discounts on your kids meals.

4.       Purchase the Fun Passes, for an extra $15 you can go to SeaWorld for as many days as you want until the end of the year. For the same cost of a movie, it’s worth it. 

Most Publix in Florida sell the Fun Passes and they offer the best SeaWorld discounts on these tickets, $89.99 + tax per adult and $81.99 + tax per child. Call Publix before you head there, as they do run out sometimes.

5.       Plan your vacation during off peak times. There are a few reasons why you’re going to want to go during off peak if you can, #1 the hotel or condo will be cheaper and #2 the lines at SeaWorld Orlando Florida will be much shorter.  That’s just a double bonus, you’ll save money and you won’t have to wait in line as long….woo hoo!!! Off peak times are as follows: September thru March, minus any holidays. Also, book your vacations during the week, stay away from weekend when the hotel prices go up and lines always get longer. Monday thru Thursday are your best bets during the off season months.

6.       Check the weather. If it rains too hard, if there is thunder or lightening, most rides and all the shows will close down. In some cases, they have closed the entire park. No rain checks are given, so always check the weather before you waste your time or money.

7.      Get to the park early. You will be the crowds and the heat.If you stay at one of SeaWorlds Partner hotels, you get access to the park early.

8.       Talk to your kids about souvenirs. Have them save their own money if they want to buy a souvenir  or tell them in advance what you have budgeted for them to use on souvenirs and tell them to keep an eye out for something they want and get it right before you leave the park so you’re not carrying it around with you. You can also look for Seaworld discounts on souvenirs at the souvenir shops in Orlando. You may find some souvenirs for half of what you would pay at the actual park.

9. Bring your own water into the park. If you forget water, you can purchase a refillable cup for 6.99 from the drink vendors, if you purchase it at the SeaWorld store; it will cost you $12.99. Refills on this cup are only 99 cents.

10. Don't forget to Sign up for specials directly from SeaWorld Orlando Florida. You want to have access to all the specials they run, some they don’t advertise.

I hope you enjoyed our SeaWorld Discounts page.

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