Universal Orlando Florida

By Danielle Leshin

The kids want to go to Universal Orlando Florida, but think it’s too expensive?

Think again. We have found the cheapest places to buy tickets, the most budget friendly places to stay and all the tips and tricks you need to save money when booking your Universal Studios vacation.

Here's what you need to know to book a Universal Orlando vacation on a budget:

Universal Studios Orlando

Universal Studios

How to Book a Universal Studios Orlando vacation for CHEAP

1.       Get discount tickets. The cheapest tickets can be found at AAA, if you’re not a member, get them at Undercover Tourist.com. Either place will save you a few dollars on the cost of the tickets. Universal says they have a lowest price guarantee, but after you add in their fees and shipping, they are the highest cost.

2.       If you can drive there, go to VRBO.com and look for a condo to rent instead of renting a hotel. Call your friends or family and get them to go with you, and then share the cost of the condo. You will have a kitchen to cook meals, so you will save a ton of money. When looking for a condo, look for one in or around Orlando.  Most condos in Orlando have fantastic amenities, so your kids will have a blast even when they aren’t at Universal Orlando Florida.

3.       If you’re flying in and you don’t rent a car, forget the condo and look for a hotel close to Universal that has a kitchen or kitchenette. Make sure they have a free shuttle to Universal and check the times the shuttle runs.

NASCAR Sports Grill CityWalk , Universal Studios

4.       Get the Kids Eat Free Orlando card. 

You can use it at over 125 restaurants in Orlando, including 5 great restaurants in Universal Studios Citywalk, including NASCAR Sports Grill.

You’re going to have to walk thru Universals CityWalk to get in and out of the park, so chances are you’re going to stop for dinner, why not use the card and feed your kids for free.

5.       Get tickets for at least 2 days. There are two parks and you’re going to need at least a day for eat. If you can swing it, for just a few dollars more you can get the 3 day tickets. It’s worth it.

6.       Plan your vacation during off peak times. There are a few reasons why you’re going to want to go during off peak if you can, #1 the hotel or condo will be cheaper and #2 the lines at Universal Orlando Florida will be much shorter.  That’s just a double bonus, you’ll save money and you won’t have to wait in line as long….woo hoo!!! Off peak times are as follows: September thru March, minus any holidays. Also, book your vacations  during the week, stay away from weekend when the hotel prices go up and lines always get longer. Monday thru Thursday are your best bets during there months.

7.       If you’re driving down, pack a cooler and make most of your meals. If you’re flying, stop at the grocery store on the way to the hotel and pick up the basics.

You can save a lot of money by planning your meals. Eat breakfast at the condo, lunch at Universal and dinner at the condo.

8.       Plan the meals you’re going to eat out. Check the menus and make sure they have a kids menu, check for specials and coupons.  Talk to your kids before you go into the restaurant and make sure they know they have to eat off the kids menu ,let them know if they can order a dessert or not, this will make sure you have a pleasant meal and they know what to expect before you g o in . You can also split meals; this saves a ton of money.

9.       Talk to your kids about souvenirs. Have them save their own money if they want to buy a souvenir  or tell them in advance what you have budgeted for them to use on souvenirs and tell them to keep an eye out for something they want and get it right before you leave the park so you’re not carrying it around with you.

10. If your going specifically for The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, then you might want to think about staying at an onsite hotel, it's going to cost you more, but you get into the park an hour early.

*Don't forget to Sign up for specials directly from Universal Orlando Florida. You want to have access to all the specials they run, some they don’t advertise.

*Be sure to check out our Universal Studios Discounts page for more discounts and tips*

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We hope you enjoyed our Universal Orlando Florida page.

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